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.: Who we are

Fanton has always meant the pursuit and the achievement of success, ever since the 1950s when the Company was headed by Mario Fanton. In 1975, Mario’s son Renzo took the Company into another era and laid the foundations for even greater success for the Fanton name and the reputation enjoyed by Fanton products. In 1977, Fanton moved to our current premises and just over twenty years later in 1998 became a joint stock company. Today the ongoing commitment of Renzo Fanton and his sons Fabio and Michele is to ensure that the Company is an increasingly major player in Italy and throughout the world.
Fanton is located in the small town of Conselve near Padua in north-eastern Italy. The company premises cover an area of 30,000 square metres. 18,000 of these are manufacturing facilities and over 2,000 are offices housing more than 60 staff. Anyone seeking proof that Fanton moves with the times need look no further than the company’s new automatic warehouse, a marvel of cutting-edge technology. With its 40,000 cubic metre capacity and space for over 9,000 pallets, it enables ultrafast shipment of orders and turnaround of goods. There is no better demonstration that Fanton gives pride of place to customer service.
Every Fanton product is planned, designed and manufactured with the utmost care and attention. The Research & Development Department at Fanton is involved at each stage of product planning and design in the Company’s pursuit of innovation and functionality. And that pursuit has ensured Fanton’s place at the cutting edge and outstanding presence on a changing market. Because Fanton brings tomorrow’s products to an increasing number of demanding users today.
The FME and FANTONET lines have grown in conjunction with a network of highly competent agents to make the Company a strong presence on the market in Italy, Europe and the rest of the world with a sales strategy to match.

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