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.: The WEEE directive (2012/19/UE)

Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The WEEE directive sets out to reduce the volume of waste resulting from electrical and electronic equipment at the end of its life cycle, while at the same time reducing the introduction into the environment of the hazardous substances forbidden by the RoHS Directive.

The standard states that at the end of its life cycle electrical and electronic equipment cannot be dumped but must be managed by a system that provides for it to be collected separately and specifically treated for reuse, recycling, or other forms of recovery for finished products, components, and materials. In this regard, the 2012/19/UE directive encourages companies to promote changes when designing products, making equipment simpler to dispose of, recover and recycle.
According to the dictates of the WEEE the manufacturer must see to financing the collection and treatment of electrical and electronic equipment at the end of its life cycle.

Actions taken

Not many of FANTON'S products are subject to the WEEE Directive:

In implementing the WEEE directive FANTON has put all the procedures in place for marketing electrical and electronic equipment for the brands it is responsible for marketing:

Affixing the crossed out bin symbol and including a specific INSTRUCTION SHEET with all items subject to the WEEE Directive.
- Entrusting the Ecolight Consortium with recovery and disposal of material at the end of its life cycle.
- Including the WEEE disposal cost in the sale price of electrical and electronic equipment (non-visible WEEE environmental contribution).
- Updating the Metel price list to indicate which of its products are subject to the WEEE Directive.
- Registration in the National Register of Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment at number IT08020000002220

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